Once again it’s time to save the bacon!

    Our favorite little piggy is back in a brand new and exciting adventure. It’s time to bring home the bacon again! Crashing down with his spaceship finding himself stranded on a fun planet he heads out on a quest to collect stars to repair his beloved spaceship to fly again and escape the planet.

    Collecting them can be very challenging, as the track is vicious and full of dangers. Through fire, lava, wind, ice and electricity he has to dodge giant hammers, sharp spikes, lasers and many new wacky obstacles to finish his quest.

    Thankfully he has some new friends to help him such as the ninja caterpillar and ballerina pug who rides through the tracks with new and exciting custom vehicles.





    You’ll have ENDLESS FUN exploring amazing landscapes, completing awesome challenges, and emerging victorious as all your friends cheer you on. Simple to play but challenging to master, the whole family will be HOOKED on BACON ESCAPE 2.

    No matter which character you choose, it’s your task to guide it safely through the tracks and collect as many STARS and APPLES as you can.

    Use the stars to open up new areas of the world and discover entire new areas such as the ICE WORLD, CITY and VOLCANO to name a few.

    With easy to learn one-touch controls, varied levels and gameplay Bacon Escape 2 will entertain both new and experienced gamers.



    What happens when I crash my cart?
    If you crash you will have one or two options to continue from your crash location depending on your level progress. Either you pay with your collected apples or you may watch a video. The more crashes you have on a level the more apples you’ll need to use to be able to continue. If you don’t feel like spending a dime you can always start the level from the beginning by hitting the restart button.
    What do I get when I buy an Epic Chest?
    The Epic Chest contains two new characters as well as two accessories that can be used together with those characters.
    What do I use the stars for?
    By collecting stars you will get access to star items (carts) along the way on the world map. You will also be able to unlock gates to new locations as well as, later on when you repair the rocket, travel to space with new exciting locations and levels.
    Do I keep my game progress and my purchases if I uninstall the game and install it again later on?
    No. If you uninstall the game you will loose your current game progress as well as any new characters / carts that have been obtained throughout the game.