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What do I get if I purchase the 'Extra Life' option?
If you have purchased the ‘Extra Life’ you can crash ONCE on a level and continue without restarting from the beginning. No need to use apples or watch a video.
What happens when I crash my cart?
If you crash you will have one or two options to continue from your crash location depending on your level progress. Either you pay with your collected apples or you may watch a video. The more crashes you have on a level the more apples you’ll need to use to be able to continue.
How do I share a Bacon Escape crash video?
First off you need to crash. Next, click on the ‘Crash TV’ icon next to your character. Pan and zoom to get your desired angle and then press ‘Share’. Select in which way you want share your awesome video and spread the laughters among family and friends!
How do I restore my purchase?
Tap the pause icon in the upper right corner in-game. Tap the plus sign next to the coins or the apples. Tap ‘Restore Purchase’ in the bottom left corner and follow the on-screen instructions. NOTE: Make sure that you are logged in with the same iTunes account that you used the first time you downloaded Bacon Escape.