Now you can play the classic Labyrinth game on your phone!

    Labyrinth is the classic game where you control a steel ball by tilting a wooden labyrinth.

    It is available for iPhone/iPod touch and Android. The full version of Labyrinth has over 1000 levels and is controlled by the accelerometer with high accuracy. Labyrinth has been downloaded more than 25 000 000 times (Yes, 25.0 million!).


    Create your own Labyrinth level packs!

    Level editor


    • Authentic physics simulation

    • Over 1000 levels in full version

    • 3D-walls changing perspective when phone is tilted

    • Tactile feedback

    • A carpenter level with calibration



    How can I get Labyrinth??
    You can download the full version of Labyrinth on the App Store, Google Play or Amazon.
    If I buy the full version and want more levels, do I have to pay more for each level pack I download?
    No, you get access to all the levels if you purchase the full version.
    Does Labyrinth work on the iPod touch too?
    Yes! Both the Lite and the full version run just as well on the iPod touch as on the iPhone.
    I bought the full version but can only see 10 levels. How can I solve this?
    Just uninstall and reinstall and you will see all 1000+ levels. iTunes will remember your purchase so you will not need to buy again.
    What is the difference between the lite version and the full version?
    The difference is that in the full version you can download new level packs from within the game. In total there are more than 1000 levels available.
    Is there a way to disable the time limit for all levels?
    Yes, there is an option on the settings page.

    Where can I find the ID the level editor is asking for?
    You find the ID inside the game. Go to the Choose Level Pack screen. You will find a Create Level button in the lower right corner. The popup screen shown below will appear when you press it. Enter the ID in the level editor. In this case the ABC1234 ID is the one that should be entered.

    When I put my phone on a flat level surface the ball still drifts up/down/left/right, could you please fix this?
    All devices have slightly different ways of calibrating the accelerometer. Labyrinth has a calibration feature on the settings page which takes care of this problem.
    What if I need to restore my device (only iPod/iPhone/iPad)? Will I lose all level packs that have been installed? Do i have to buy the game again?
    If you buy Labyrinth and then restore your iPhone/iPod/iPad you can just sync the game over from your computer or get it again from the App Store. The App Store will remember your purchase so that you do not need to buy again. In the worst case scenario you could lose your current level progress but you will get the game and all the levels back free of charge.
    Crashes, updating and downloading issues
    These issues are due to the iTunes/App Store install and update procedure. Unfortunately we have no influence over this process as it is controlled by Apple. The following description usually solves the problem though:

    Please update to the latest device firmware on the iPhone/iPod and uninstall Labyrinth. Then reinstall Labyrinth directly from the App Store on the device. If that does not work, try removing Labyrinth via the computer. This is done from the

    Applications section in iTunes (Located in the left side iTunes-bar). Then sync your device with the computer. Now install Labyrinth either from the App Store in iTunes on the computer or the App Store on the device. The App Store will remember you purchase so you do not need to purchase again.