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    Skate like in real life in the most realistic multitouch skateboarding game ever!




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    What is the name of the main soundtrack and where can I find it?
    The soundtrack was tailor-made for Touchgrind Skate 2 by Chefidemics and can be downloaded here. It hasn’t got a name yet.
    Which devices are supported?
    The supported devices are iPhone 3GS, iPad 2 and iPod 4G and newer.
    I can’t find where to change stance (goofy/regular)?
    You can change stance in settings:


    What’s the difference between combo and line?
    A combo is a set of consecutive tricks performed without having the wheels touch the ground. You may do a kick flip, land in a boardslide and do a pop shuvit off the rail and land on the ground. This would be a combo of two flip tricks and a rail trick. A more simple combo would be kickflip to late heel flip. Once you touch the ground, the combo is completed.

    A line is a sequence of combos or individual tricks performed in a row without any crashes. If the multiplier meter runs out the line will be finished.

    I keep getting stuck on the “Get less than 200 for a trick” challenge. Anybody figured that one out? Even the smallest power slide seems to earn more than 1000 points.
    The score of a trick goes down the more it is repeated. So just spam kick flip or any other trick.
    Is there a way to maintain speed in switch/fakie? Sometimes I can keep going but usually as soon as I put my fingers on the board it tries to change direction.
    Ride in the forward direction, swipe left/right above the board to turn around and immediately put your fingers back on the board. If the board tries to go the other direction you did not put your fingers back on the board fast enough.
    I just have one challenge left for the Car Park: “get 8 seconds of railtime in one rail.” How the heck do you do that? I’ve tried a number of different rails but I can only manage about 4 seconds before the board pops off on its own.
    This one is tricky. I suggest you use the rails on the ramp between ground level and the upper floor. One trick to boost the rail time is start your rail when you go upwards then you will have speed upwards and gravity will pull you downwards while still railing.