“…it looks great, it’s slick, and you don’t have to pay

    anything to pick it up.” – POCKETGAMER®


    BMX 2 Locations












    • Same revolutionary two finger controls as seen in Touchgrind BMX

    • Fully customizable bikes and special bikes

    • Many unlockable items

    • Complete challenges and earn trophies on every location

    • Substantial ranking system for each location – world, country, among friends

    • Personal profile

    • Generate 720p, 30fps replay videos and share with the world

    • Multiplayer duels and frequent in-game tournaments

    • Amazing graphics and audio

    • ‘How to’ section that visually demonstrates how to ride and perform tricks

    • Sync progress between device



    Can I restore my purchase if I have deleted the app?
    You can only restore purchased locations in Touchgrind BMX 2. Crates, Special Crates and Tournament tries are consumable in-app purchases and cannot be restored if you haven’t connected your BMX 2 account to either Facebook or Gmail within the app in Settings/Connect. To restore purchased locations without having an account connected to FB or Gmail go to Settings/Restore purchase and follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure that you’re logged in with the same iTunes account that you used at the time of the purchase.
    Is my progress saved if I delete the app?
    If you have connected your Touchgrind BMX 2 account to either Facebook or Gmail inside the app your progress will be saved. If not, it’ll be lost.
    Is game progress transferable between devices?
    Your game progress can be transferred between devices if you connected your BMX 2 account to either Facebook or an existing Gmail on the first device. On the second device, go to the SETTINGS menu, tap on Connect, choose Facebook or Gmail and connect to the same account.
    I purchased a Crate/Special Crate but didn't receive anything. What should I do?
    Try the following: 1. Close Touchgrind BMX 2 and all other apps that might currently be running. 2. Make sure that you have a working Internet connection and that you are logged in with the same iTunes account that you used at the time of the purchase. 3. Restart Touchgrind BMX 2 4. Make sure that you’re on the right Crate category. There are normal Crates (wooden) and if you tap the right arrow you will see the Special Crates (metal).

    Shouldn’t this work try to restart your device and follow (2) and (3) above. Did you get access to the purchased item(s)? If not, please send us some additional information. 1. Device name and model 2. iOS currently installed 3. Your App Store purchase receipt

    NOTE – Crates and Special crates are consumable in-app purchases which means that if you remove Touchgrind BMX 2 from your device and reinstall it, they will be gone. You can easily avoid this by connecting your Touchgrind BMX 2 account to either Facebook or Gmail in the ‘Settings’ menu.



    Why do I have lots of unfinished duels?
    If your opponent doesn’t start his run when it’s his turn the duel will be idle. Duels timeout after 4 days and the user ignoring the duel will loose.
    How do I change my profile name?
    You can change your profile name either by going to the SETTINGS menu on the main screen or simply by tapping your name at the top of the main screen and change it
    Is a new location unlocked straight away if I purchase it?
    Yes, the location including 40 challenges and 600p Adrenaline will be unlocked. The 600 Adrenaline points you can then earn by completing challenges.



    Where can I learn how to perform tricks?
    Tap the HOW TO button at the bottom of the screen in the main menu. This section visually explains how to perform various tricks in Touchgrind BMX 2
    What’s the difference between a backflip/frontflip and a bikeflip?
    When performing a back- or frontflip the rider stays on the bike. When making a bikeflip (front, back or side) the bike is spun around without the rider staying on it
    How do I maximize my score?
    Maximize your score by varying your tricks in every jump. Combos performing different tricks will give you a higher score than if you repeat the same trick several times. This in combination with bottom-up tricks will skyrocket your scores



    How do I change language in-game?
    Touchgrind BMX 2 has been localised to the following languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese and Turkish. By changing the language settings on your device to one of these languages you will change the language used in Touchgrind BMX 2



    How do I request a refund if I purchased the game by mistake?
    Follow this link to get in touch with Apple.