Awarded Best Sports Game at the International Mobile Gaming Awards 2012


    • True physics

    • The same revolutionary controls as seen in the original skateboarding game Touchgrind

    • Many unlockable bikes and locations

    • Earn medals and complete challenges at every location

    • Record and replay your runs

    • Create replay videos and show the world


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I upload a video to YouTube?

    1. Go to “Replays” and select a location.

    2. Under “Latest replays” locate the replay and hit “Save replay”

    3. Under “Saved replays” hit “Create video”.

    4. When generated hit the “Upload video” button and follow the onscreen instructions.

    Alert message: “Cannot upload, check your Internet connection” when clicking on the add to YouTube button with an established connection)
    A: Make sure your user name and password are correct.
    How do I create a video in HD?
    You need to enable the HD settings to be able to create a video in HD. The settings for Touchgrind BMX is found in your main iPhone settings. Click on the BMX icon and then tap on the ON/OFF button next to “HD video (720)” to turn it on or off. Changes to the settings under Replay also applies to the created videos.
    How do I turn on the retina display feature?
    Retina is already enabled on newer devices. For older devices, you can enable retina mode in your main iPhone settings. Click on the BMX icon and then tap on the ON/OFF button next to “Retina” to turn it on or off. Be aware that this only applies to supported devices and that it might lower the framerate.
    How do I copy a video to the computer?
    Follow these simple steps: 1. Connect device to computer.

    2. In iTunes, select your device.

    3. Click the Apps tab.

    4. Scroll down to File Sharing.

    5. Select BMX and copy videos.

    For more detailed information click here

    Why does everything sometimes turn to white and then my bike is repositioned on the track?
    You’re automatically put back on track when the bike is about to land outside the set up path.
    Why is the entire world rotating sometimes when I do a trick?
    If that happens then you have done a flip-trick (perhaps unintentionally). Check out the second tutorial more closely to learn more about flip tricks.
    How do I get a multiplier?
    You increase your multiplier each time you pull off a trick that generates 10’000 points or more.
    How do I complete the “Ride through the left side hole of the last pipe” challenge – the Docks?
    Check out following link: Hint – the Docks


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