“One of the best games available for the platform”

    Gizmodo, back in 2008

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    What are the abilities of the different boards?
    Below is a short summary of the different boards. If a board is not listed below, it just means that it is a standard board and doesn’t have any special abilities.

    • Noob: easier to use, you don’t have to have such good timing, but you won’t get any good scores with it either

    • Streetlab, Picky Design and In Bloom: can ollie a bit higher Divine Spirit: a bit faster

    • Mushi Mushi: a bit faster on rails Jermaine: very good at flips and will also give you 15% more points with this board

    • The King: not as good at flips as the Jermaine board, but will give you 50% more points

    • Zen: very fast on rails and will give you 20% more points

    • Black Devil: very fast, good at flips, can do very high ollies and will give you 50% more points, but is hard to use so you have to time your tricks well

    • The Ninja: very fast and very good at ollies, a bit different to ride from the others

    How do the session markers work?
    First line up to an obstacle and tap the menu icon (lower left) and click on “SET MARKER”. You can then jump to that exact spot by tapping the zoom button (lower right) and then click on the black and yellow X. Session markers are only available in Jam Session and Warm Up. You can set as many markers as you like.
    How do I do an impossible?
    You do it almost the same way you do a flip, but instead of sliding your finger off the board you slide your front finger towards your back finger and release. It’s very hard, but not impossible (even though it is called an impossible)!
    I constantly bump into obstacles. Any tips or suggestions?
    When you are approaching an obstacle, the obstacle icons on the screen will pulsate when it’s time to pop and do your trick.
    How is the score calculated? What should I do to get a good score?
    To get higher scores you should vary your tricks a lot. If you, for instance, just do kickflips, you will soon realize that you don’t get any high scores. Try to as many different tricks you can — use rails, ramps, and boxes, and do flips and shuvits in various combinations to maximize your score. Air time and height also affects your score, so try to get up on those high boxes to maximize your air time!