• Evolve your character by obtaining turtle shells that hold certain powers. The different shells grant you the ability to either attack, break out into a dash or shield yourself from dangerous attacks and hazards

    • You get the choice to play as either Mr or Ms Turtle

    • Many secrets can be found throughout the game, perfect for passionate completionists

    • A charming story with loveable characters

    • Multi-platform seamlessly on macOS, iOS and tvOS

    • Support for Xbox, PS4 and Nimbus controllers

    • Beautiful PBR rendering using their in-house game engine



    Is my progress saved if I delete the app?
    If you were connected via iCloud when you previously used Way of the Turtle your game progress should be saved despite deleting the app.
    Is game progress transferable between devices?
    Way of the Turtle works seamlessly on macOS, iOS and tvOS.